Ellie Goulding walked down memory lane to reflect on her most iconic music videos and how much she’s grown as an artist.

Speaking with Allure, the singer reflected on her offerings, beginning with “Lights” and ending with her recent entry, “Easy Lover.”

Ellie said her first video, which was released in 2011, was “one of the first music videos” she shot and she didn’t really know what she was doing. She also poked fun at how pale she looked, and at her “really extreme” side part and shaved patch hairstyle.

Flash forward to Ellie’s release of “Easy Lover.” The singer remarked on how much her style has changed. Ellie dons several looks in the video, from an androgynous David Bowie-type character to a glam rocker. She added the song is about continually returning to a toxic lover “because the excitement outweighs the heartbreak.”

“I think this video … was probably the one where I felt like I was the freest,” she said.

“I just felt confident in myself, like people around me made me feel confident,” she continued, adding she had “good hair and good makeup and good stylists and good creative people” to make it come together.

“My own style has evolved in that, I think the more confident I am in myself, you know, the more it’s reflected in what I wear,” Ellie added, saying she loves it when she feels like she can wear whatever she wants.

“I felt like I had to fit in a certain category for a long time and now I don’t. And I feel pretty free,” she smiled.

Ellie also saluted her music videos for “Close to Me” and “Anything Could Happen,” the latter of which she called one of her favorites because it was so otherworldly. 
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