Evidently, part of an interview with Kanye West‘s reported ex-girfriend Julia Fox is going viral for the wrong reasons, but she’s being a good sport about it.

Earlier this month, the actress and model was on the Call Her Daddy podcast when she referenced the 2019 hit Uncut Gems, in which she played Adam Sandler‘s mistress. But her pronunciation of the film’s title varies — according to the many people who goofed on her for it on social media.

Fox was pontificating about being a “muse” for West — something she claimed to be for Uncut Gems‘ co-director Josh Safdie when she pronounced the crime thriller’s name as something sounding like “UNCO JIAMS” or “UNCLE JENNS,” or various others offerings from online snarkers.

“Omggggg I was stoned leave me alone!!!! Hahahahahah,” Fox said in protesting the online spoofing. For some, though, even that excuse wasn’t enough.

“I ain’t never smoked a weed that makes me speak a new language,” one follower replied.

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