Comedian and actress Iliza Shlesinger is a new mom. The 38-year-old posted to Instagram the good news, along with a shot of her in a hospital bed, chowing down on a huge sandwich the day after the January 13 birth.

She and her husband since 2018, Noah Galuten, named the baby girl Sierra Mae.

“I gave birth late at night (because that’s when I work) and there was no food available at 1:30am,” she noted, joking, “Noah went to a vending machine and came back with chips and cookies, basically prison commissary food. I think he paid for them in cigarettes.”

She added, “I was unaware this photo was being taken but I’m glad it was. Vaginal delivery mothers knows why I’m eating sitting side saddle wearing exclusive Mesh Underwear for SS22.”

Iliza explained she opted to induce labor, which, “came purely from me wanting to have enough time with her and to heal before my February shows.”

She adds, “27 hours of labor, 75 minutes of power pushing…and at 11:27pm on January 13 out came my healthy, strong and beautiful Sierra Mae.”

Iliza blurred the baby’s face in the photo, explaining that, “her face is hers to share, not mine.”

“I became a mother…around minute 60 of pushing when I realized I could feel my body breaking and I didn’t care because I was doing it for her. I had been dreaming of the moment they would pull her out and put her on my chest and I could look at her little face. I got what I came for. That perfect moment.”

She added, “I’m in awe of this experience: mothers who do this without epidurals, single mothers, mothers without support and just what a woman is capable of physically and mentally.”

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