By now, Marvel fans might rightly feel their Spidey senses tingle whenever Sony Pictures’ Amy Pascal makes predictions about future projects. The producer made headlines by telling Fandango, “We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We’re thinking of this as three films, and now we’re going to go onto the next three…”

While it was welcome news to fans, Sony insiders have pumped the brakes; formerly with Sony, Pascal is still affiliated with the hero via her Pascal Productions shingle.

“Sony insiders note though the studio has a strong relationship with Holland and [Marvel Studios head KevinFeige and hopes to continue their collaboration, there are no official plans for a trilogy at this phase,” The Hollywood Reporter insists.

This wouldn’t be the first time Pascal has jumped the gun in an interview with regards to Sony’s collaboration with Disney-owned Marvel Studios. During a 2017 interview alongside Feige, Pascal incorrectly stated Venom, and another, since scrapped film project, were part of the MCU. Feige’s nonplussed reaction spawned a meme.

Incidentally, the new book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe reveals Pascal initially didn’t take too kindly to Feige’s advice for collaborating, and rebooting Spider-Man with Holland as the lead, after the poor performance of the solely-Sony-produced The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield.

Pascal recalled, “I think I started crying and threw him out of my office, or threw a sandwich at him — I’m not sure which.”

What is assured, at least, is that the studios’ latest collaboration, Spider-Man: No Way Home debuts Dec. 17.

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