Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress who’s worked with Chris PrattMeryl StreepBradley Cooper and other Hollywood heavy-hitters. however, she confessed she was completely starstruck by Ariana Grande, who co-stars with Lawrence in the apocalyptic dark comedy Don’t Look Up

Ariana plays pop star Riley Bina, whose character helps Jennifer and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s characters tell the world about a planet-killing comet hurtling towards Earth.

“She can’t make bad music,” Jennifer declared, before admitting that her admiration of Ariana may have instigated a rather embarrassing moment between them.

“I’ve since reflected on my behavior with Ariana Grande. I went full radio contest winner,” Lawrence confessed.  “I was so excited and nervous that at one point, I just kind of walked into her hotel room and sat down. I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately. There were all of these trunks for her hair and makeup, and I was like, ‘Do you live here?'”

Despite the embarrassing interaction, Jennifer clarified when speaking to Vanity Fair, “That was one of the coolest days of my life,” and assured Ari “couldn’t be nicer.” The two wound up taking a picture together.

Ari’s character is asked to “write the song to save all of mankind,” Don’t Look Up producer Adam McKay said at a recent screening, according to Variety, and joked, “It might be my favorite moment in the movie. The number-one pop star in the world telling us, ‘We’re all going to die, get your head out of your a**.'”

Don’t Look Up premieres in select theaters on December 10 and hits Netflix on December 24.

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