An Instagram post from actor Shamier Anderson, who co-stars in the upcoming fourth John Wick movie, seems to suggest that shooting on the film is over. 

Anderson’s post features a series of photos, including one of him smiling next to Matrix‘s Mr. Anderson himself, Keanu Reeves.

Shamier jokes, “When 2 Canadians link up and make an action movie,” adding, “That’s a wrap on John Wick 4!” and calling the movie “such a rewarding experience for me.” 

In addition to thanking the producers, including Reeves’ Thunder Road company, Anderson’s pics might have let slip the name of the movie: A bit of crew SWAG in the shot, a drawstring bag visible in the shot reads, “John Wick 4: Hagakure.”

The word Hagakure means “falling leaves” or “what’s behind falling leaves,” in Japanese, but it’s also referenced in the title of the three-century-old Japanese classic from Yamamoto TsunetomoHagakure: Book of the Samurai.

The tome details the bushido, or code of honor of the Samurai. 

While it’s arguable that the assassins in John Wick are more like masterless samurai, or ronin, they certainly have their own code of honor in the Wick-verse, like the rule against killing anybody at their hotel, The Continental.

For the record, Anderson’s post isn’t the only one telling fans that Wick 4 was winding down: Last month, Keanu’s stunt team revealed on Instagram that the generous actor had gifted his main stuntmen with matching Rolex Submariner watches. Each was engraved with their first name and their collective nickname, “the John Wick 5,” along with a thank-you from Reeves, and “JW2021.”

John Wick 4, which also stars Laurence Fishburne, Lance ReddickBill SkarsgårdHiroyuki SanadaScott Adkins and Clancy Brown, opens May 27, 2022.

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