If your idea of a great Valentine’s Day is curling up with your partner for a romantic movie, you’re not alone. A recent survey from Fandango’s on-demand streaming service Vudu showed 82% of Americans do. 

But what to watch? Based on Google Trends data, the number crunchers at Comparitech have ranked which states dig which movies. 

The most popular movie overall is the 1988 Eddie Murphy classic Coming to America. The romantic comedy was liked by people in the most states, including Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and South Carolina. 

Some states prefer movies set within their own borders: New Yorkers pegged 2007’s Big Apple-set fairy tale Enchanted, starring Amy AdamsJames Marsden, and Patrick Dempsey.

Californians tapped LA-set Clueless, and Hawaiians chose 2004’s 50 First Dates, the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie set in the Aloha State, while Illinois residents dug Sixteen Candles — local legend John Hughes set his 1984 film in Chicago, as he often did.

Pennsylvania chose 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook — the Oscar winner starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro was set and shot in Philadelphia and hinges, among other things, on Cooper’s obsession with the Eagles. 

The rankings also show some odd pairings. Nebraska drew a big heart around Real Genius. The 1986 comedy classic stars Val Kilmer and Gabriel Jarret as two super-smart college students who develop a super-laser they discover the government wants to use as a weapon. Granted, there’s a romantic subplot between Jarret’s Mitch and Michelle Meyrink‘s Jordan.

Another question mark: The Oscar-winning 1997 Holocaust film Life Is Beautiful was a favorite V-Day watch in Nevada and Florida, according to the rankings.

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