As Kristen Stewart committed to transforming into the late Princess Diana for the movie Spencer, the actress recalled one fleeting scene that gave her goosebumps.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the 31-year-old admitted it felt “so spooky” to wear a replica of the late royal’s wedding dress, even if it was for a brief moment.

“When we put that dress on, it is embedded in a montage that kind of flashed her life before you. Even though the movie takes place over a three-day period… We still wanted to give a taste of the scope of her life,” Stewart explained.  “Kind of touch on every part, even if it was in kind of lyrical dance. And the wedding dress is embedded in that montage and putting that on was a spooky day.”

As for what Stewart star had to do while wearing a replica of the wedding gown, she revealed, “We didn’t have to do the wedding scene but I still had one walk, walking outside of this castle.”

Stewart says director Pablo Larraín encouraged her to turn that brief scene into a standout, as it was a pivotal moment in Diana’s life.

“[He] was like, ‘Take everything you learned about that day, all of your emotional responses that you have accumulated, put them all right here. What does it feel like to believe in an ideal that then becomes very, very apparently farcical?'” she recalled him saying, adding that he wanted her to “let your heart break in a moment.”

When asked what she hopes the Royal Family will say, should they watch Spencer, said Stewart, “I would say is that we led with love and curiosity. And professed to know nothing. We’re literally just sort of admirers.”

Spencer arrives in theaters on November 5.

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