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In a Hollywood Reporter chat about the ups and downs of his career, from the height of The X-Files to his missed chances as a box office champ, to his turns as an author and musician, David Duchovny gave fans of the seminal supernatural show some hope. 

The multihyphenate, who discusses his and other setbacks and successes in his new podcast, Fail Better, said, “I don’t wake up and wonder, ‘Where is the X-Files stock today?’ But I love that show. I don’t know what my character would be like at my age. It’s an interesting question.”

Duchovny last played Fox Mulder in a two-season revival beginning in 2016.

He adds, “That show can address the present as well as it addressed the ’90s. It just depends on [series creator Chris Carter] or the other writers. I’m always like, ‘Hey, let’s see.'”

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