Lucy Hale recently addressed rumors that she once dated Colton Underwood, insisting the stories were completely false.

Multiple outlets, including People, reported the two were “casually dating” in July 2020 after they were spotted hiking together.

Nine months later, when Colton publicly came out as gay, Lucy took to her Instagram stories to show her support for him, writing that she was “really, really happy” for the former Bachelor star. “Brave, bold moves and I’m HERE FOR IT,” she added.

The Pretty Little Liars alum clarified her relationship with Colton in a new interview with Extra, saying, they were “always just friends.”

“The media likes to take a picture and run with it. I was like, ‘We’re not dating!’ He’s obviously very attractive, but no,” she continued. “I always love when people live their truth, even if that means people don’t like you for it. I’m happy that he seems happy.”

“We’re not close by any means, but I wish him well and I’m happy to see him embrace who he really is. I think it’s a beautiful thing,” added Hale.

The 32-year-old actress also shaded the media, noting, “There’s been people I’ve been photographed with who I am dating and nobody picked up on that, so it’s like they get it wrong every time.”


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