Mac & Cheese on Tap: Yes it’s Real!!

Stouffer’s created a dispenser delivering Mac & Cheese straight from the tap!

In anticipation of National Cheese Day on July 14, Stouffer’s has released plans for a device that dispenses warm macaroni on tap.

A Stouffer’s spokesperson told Today, “Mac on Tap is a food dispenser with an internal heater that keeps pre-cooked Stouffer’s mac and cheese at serving temperature. It’s basically like a nacho cheese dispenser that also dispenses warm noodles. With one pull of the lever, creamy mac will pour out from an aptly sized metal tap. It can go straight into a bowl for dinner … or on top of whatever food item folks can get their hands on.”

Stouffer’s did not confirm an exact release date, however they did confirm it would be later this year.

Now they need your help deciding where to install them! Tag Stouffer’s with an idea on Instagram or Twitter and include the brand’s handle @Stouffers.