Interview with Comedian Dusty Slay

Dusty Slay has appeared on several network shows including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, the popular program “Laughs on FOX” and he was a featured comedian on “TMZ”.

Apple Credit Card is Here!

Five months after Apple announced that they would have their own credit card, it’s here. But not everyone can get it yet. A limited number of people were randomly selected by the company to get invites to apply for

Young Lizzo Covers Adele

A video has recently surfaced of Lizzo covering Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. It was published on the YouTube channel “lizzomusic” back in 2011. Lizzo was 23-years-old then and in the video she plays piano and sings Adele’s

Weird Fair Food

Fair vendors across the country have come up with some crazy food concoctions over the years and they keep getting crazier! The guys from GMM decide to try them all! Can you guess what state these fair

Fashion Forward

In preparation for back-to-school, the Drew Lewis Foundation is hosting Fashion-Forward, a children’s fashion show downtown in the Historic Fox Theater. These children are modeling their new back-to-school clothes in order to help raise funds to fight

New music from Ariana Grande is on the way! The singer announced on it social media today with a short clip from the music video for her upcoming single “Boyfriend,” coming out Aug. 2. It has only

No More Subway Sandwiches!?!

The largest sandwich chain in the world Subway is on the brink of existence. Thousands of store closures have happened in the last three years and petitions against Subway from its franchise owners have left the food-chain

How does Magic Work?

Magicians are astounding with their tricks and pyrotechnics but if you knew how it all worked would it still be as magical? Here are some items that help magicians achieve their glory and now that you know