Youtube Videos for Dogs

Good news for all of you pet owners out there! There’s a fun new way to entertain your dogs while you are away and it’s Youtube videos for your pets. These videos feature closeup scenes of birds,

SmashMouth as a Love Ballad

You might have heard Smashmouth’s ‘All Star’ before but I bet it never sounded this good! Macey and Casey take the song to the next level with this beautiful love ballad version of the 90’2 classic!

Blue’s Clues is Back

If you were a fan of the classic show ‘Blue’s Clues’ with Steve and Joe, get ready to skidoo with Blue and her playful pal, Josh in Blue’s Clues & You!, the new series coming this November

Avocados as Long as Your Arm!

Farmers in Florida are growing giant “long-neck” avocados that can measure up to three-feet in length and weigh up to three-pounds. The Pura Vida avocados have been around for years but recently gained attention on social media