Meghan Trainor‘s had several Christmas hits over the past few years, including her current one, “Wrap Me Up.” So she’s the perfect guest for the new podcast seriesTis the Grinch Holiday Podcast, hosted by the Mean, Green One himself.

In Thursday’s episode, Meghan chats with The Grinch — portrayed by SNL’s James Austin Johnson — about the holidays, her book Dear Future Mama and more. Meghan tells The Grinch that she watches “his” movie — How The Grinch Stole Christmas — every year.

So when The Grinch asks Meghan which is more of a classic, his movie or her husband Daryl Sabara‘s 2001 film Spy Kids, there’s only one answer.

“Oh, that’s really difficult,” frets Meghan. “Since I knew you longer and I’ve loved you longer, don’t tell my husband, but I pick you.”

Meghan also discusses how her music seems to be very popular “in a lot of shopping places,” like CVS or the mall. “It still freaks me out hearing myself on speakers at a random store,” she says. “I’ve heard me at Home Depot. It’s pretty weird.”

And on a more serious note, Meghan offers advice to kids who might have self-esteem issues.

“Treat yourself like how you would want others to treat you,” Megan advises. “Because when you have negative, bad thoughts, you’re just gonna think those over and over and over again. But if you start talking nicely to yourself, you’re gonna hear the good thoughts over and over again.”

“So with … my son, every night we do really cute affirmations,” she adds. “We say out loud, like, ‘I am smart, I am brave, I am beautiful.’ And you’ll start to see your brain starting to believe that.”

You can find the podcast at Wondery.com.

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