Sabrina the Teenage Witch turns 25 next Monday. Ahead of the milestone anniversary, star Melissa Joan Hart is looking back at what made the show such a success.

“It brings you to this escapism that the world is always looking for… And you’re looking for a happy ending,” said Hart, 45, tells ABC Audio. “Are you looking for this escapism of this girl who can do anything at the point of a finger? We all want that. We all dream of that.”

Hart said that desire of wanting to use magic to “solve my problems” and make life easier is what “people are always looking for” — even today.

Beyond the “fun” and “adventure” the lighthearted sitcom offered, Hart says Sabrina was also enhanced by its “great guest stars [and] fun music.”

“So it’s starting to be nostalgic. But, I think it also still does hold up in a way,” she remarked.

Hart also said Sabrina‘s finale is also what made the show so special.  The fantasy sitcom ended with Sabrina and her high school sweetheart, Harvey Kinkle — played by Nate Richert, riding away on a motorcycle while No Doubt‘s “Running” plays in the background.

“I think it was such a perfect ending. It was so perfect,” Hart declared, adding that she thinks the two would still be together after everything they went through: “They ran off, they had kids [and] the kids have magic powers.”

Because the show ended on such a high note, Hart revealed, “I would never want to reboot it because it just ended so perfectly. How are you going to improve on that?”

Sabrina ran between 1996 to 2003 for seven seasons. It also spawned an animated spinoff, two TV movies, and the Netflix reboot Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which aired for two seasons.

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