Messenger Kids

Facebook is rolling out a standalone messaging app for kids under 13.

Parents, Facebook is coming for your kids.

Facebook is launching Messenger Kids– standalone app where your kids can message you the parents and their friends.

I’m not sure if this is cool or scary.

Facebook will let you pre-approve who your kids can and can’t talk to, if that makes you feel any better.

Plus, using the app will not create a Facebook account for your child.

Facebook’s Messenger Kids is free for kids 13 and younger, because per Facebook’s rules those kids aren’t allowed to have Facebook accounts….even though oftentimes they do.

There’s no in-app purchases and kids can’t delete the conversations either.

Kids can’t connect with anyone you don’t pre-approve, not like you can search like on regular Facebook.

It was even created alongside child psychologists who advised Facebook on its features. Sounds safe, right?

Would you let your child use one?