MO Driver’s License Fees to Increase

If your Missouri driver’s license expires soon you’ll want to hurry up!

Reports say the cost for processing a three-year driver’s license will increase next month from $2.50 to $6.

For a driver’s license longer than three years, the fee climbs from $5 to $12.

Those are just the fees to process it!

Meanwhile the annual registration fees will increase too, in a similar fashion.

These are the first increases in 20 years. But they’re just telling us that to make us feel better. I still don’t like to pay more money!

It’s all to help privately operated license offices stay afloat in rural areas.

I didn’t realize that unlike other states where a government agency operates all license offices, Missouri allows private companies, to operate the facilities in exchange for a portion of the fees collected.

I think that is very, very weird because yeah back in Michigan everything is run through the state.

This seems like a free for all here.

Just one more thing that makes Missouri….unique.

More details here.