MO Senator Introduces SMART Act

Missouri senator Josh Hawley is making headlines for a new bill he introduced.

It’s called the Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or SMART Act. Let’s just call it the SMART Act….

It would automatically limit the amount of time a user could spend on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to just 30-minutes each day.

According to the bill, you would be about to adjust that time limit to make it longer, but it would reset to 30-minutes every month.

The SMART Act would also ban the infinite scrolling and autoplay features on social media platforms, which Sen. Hawley said will make it easier to leave an app or site when you can’t scroll anymore.

I mean, that’s true, these sites make it so easy to stay on them but I’m a little confused as to how they enforce this measure.

Is it something through the internet provider and monitoring cookies, or, they’re not going to invade my smartphone are they? How do you enforce this? I’m not techie enough to understand.

I get where Senator Hawley is coming from but I say, when it comes to screen time and kids, that should be on the parents. Parents need to set limits.

Plus, when it comes to me, uh, don’t tell me what to do Josh!

If I want to sit on my couch all day and scroll through Instagram, that’s my prerogative!

If I want to swipe on Tinder all day, let me Josh! I’m trying to find love here…