Montana Vacation

Glacier National Park, MT. We hiked 13 miles to see the most astounding landscape I’ve ever laid eyes on (2nd pic). SO many good memories from this trip too! I drank from a waterfall. Saw a wild bear and wild rams. Had an unbeatable picnic lunch (2nd to last pic). Two amazing friends got engaged. I sipped on a dark lager (gluten free – SO HARD TO FIND) and just gazed at the mountains and realized how beautiful life really is. I laughed constantly every day because I was with the best group of gals ever (ask me about the bear spray incident at the airport). I kayaked for the first time. And I came home with pizza pajamas. I wish these pictures did the beauty justice! I also have a million more, so next time you see me I can show you more plus some incredible video. I hope you also got the chance to take a vacation over the summer!