By: Dawn McClain

I am trying to limit the number of carbs and sweets that I eat. When I want to cheat, I think of a few wonderfully bad foods that will send me out of ketosis and into the land of burning carbs for energy, which I don’t want to do. I do eat carbs, I am just limiting them. whopper no bun
My first thoughts are Mexican food, Italian food, Andy’s frozen custard, and for fast food I’ve really been obsessing about Burger King Whoppers. Then, my best friend who is the master of Atkins said, “just go get a Whopper and take off the bun!” OMG, my life was complete.
We went to Burger king, and I ate two bun-less Whoppers hand held like a tostada. It stayed within my low carb plan and it was just as good.
Then he convinced me that I really didn’t want the fries (I doubt it) that maybe if I just chewed one and spit it out, that would be just as satisfying. At this point, I was really convinced that anything he told me would work, so I tried it. Chewed the fry and spit it out in the trash. Then he oh-so-positively said,
“See! You got the taste of it, and that’s good enough! You don’t even want the rest of these fries, do you?”
“Nah, I want them all now.” I said.
Well at least half of it worked.   I didn’t eat them though! We through the buns and fries out for those poor little birds and creatures trying to find something to eat in the snow.
You’re welcome creatures!