It took some doing, but independent studio A24 has come up with a giveaway to promote its thriller Lamb that’s as weird as the Icelandic import itself.

While the gag gives away a spoiler the movie holds onto — painstakingly — for a majority of its running time, the studio is giving away a baby doll of the movie’s half-human half lamb hybrid, Ada [AH-dah].

The dark folktale from Icelandic directing newcomer Valdimar Jóhannsson stars Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snær Guðnason as a childless couple who discover one of their sheep has birthed a hybrid child. Ada is an offspring with a human body and a lamb’s face — and the couple decides to raise her as their own, as people in Icelandic films might wont to do. 

A24 is giving people the chance to follow in their footsteps with its #AdoptAda contest. Just post a video about why you should be Ada’s primary caregiver, tagging @A24, and use the hashtag #AdoptAda for a chance to bring Ada home. 

Ada comes complete with her trademark galoshes, overalls, and a cable knit sweater to complete her baby lamb ensemble.

“Baba Ada can be yours forever,” the odd little online ad notes, giving you “the gift of a lifetime: parenthood.”

It also warns, “Protection from other sheep not included.”

Submission videos can be shared on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and a winner will be announced Monday, November 1.


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