In the new Western movie The Last SonHeather Graham plays a “working lady” desperate to save her kids from a dude so bad, legend has it he’s The Devil himself.  

Sam Worthington plays the single-minded character, stalking through the snow of late 19th century Montana.

She jokes to ABC Audio, “It’s a heartwarming story of a father that goes out in search of all his children to kill them, basically.”

She explains, “he’s this gunslinger, and he hears this prophecy that one of his children is going to kill him, so he seeks out all of his children…And my character is a ‘working lady’ and I have twins that are his sons. I know he’s a bad guy, so I don’t want him to know about where they are.

Avatar veteran Worthington is nearly unrecognizable as Isaac LeMay. “As a woman, I’m like, ‘Sam, don’t you want to look cute?” Graham laughs. “Like, ‘You have so much facial hair!'”

“[He] didn’t want to, you know, I guess look his handsome self, he wanted to look more grimy, gritty, you know?”

She adds, laughing, “He’s so disgusting in the movie. Like, he’s just horrible. You know, you really just hate him, you know?”

Graham admitted she felt “nurturing” toward her onscreen son Colson Baker, otherwise known as recording artist Machine Gun Kelly

“It’s funny because I actually didn’t know who he was, to be honest,” she added with a laugh. “I mean, my friend’s kids know who he is.”

Graham explains that for a newcomer, MGK has some big-screen chops. “I think, you know, he’s very raw. Like, I like that he doesn’t because some actors are kind of ‘actor-y.’ And I like that he just has raw talent.”


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