Raccoons Invade SpringMO

Uh oh we’ve got a raccoon problem here in the Ozarks!

The Missouri Department of Conservation says the raccoon population is rising and that’s a problem because I guess the thing is, these days raccoons are hunted less and are therefore starting to become more comfortable in urban areas.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m driving across town on my way to work and some big fat trash panda raccoon runs out in front of me. They’re everywhere!

The folks over at the Department of Conservation say their department does lend out live traps for people to use throughout the year, but right now with such overpopulation, all the traps are checked out.

You’ve got to be put on a waiting list now!

That or the department recommends you just buy your own live trap. Make sure it’s a sturdy heavy duty one, otherwise they’re easy to get out of, those little bandits….

If you do catch a raccoon, it’s recommended you take it 10 miles or more from your home before you let it loose. The problem is, that is usually still within city limits so they just make their way back.

I’ve known folks who have gone all the way out to Busiek to release raccoons.

If all else fails just shoo it away. Avoid leaving food outdoors late and night, you know, think about your pets and their food dishes, trash cans, bird feeders.

Raccoons, they’re on the loose!