On Friday, Raven-Symoné returns in season five of Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home, which sees her titular character moving back to San Francisco to help her dad recover from a heart attack.

Speaking to ABC Audio, Raven said season five is jam-packed with “nostalgia.” That’s So Raven stars Adrienne Bailon and Rondell Sheridan return as Alana and Victor, respectively — as does Bayside High and The Chill Grill. “It feels like a cup a cocoa with extra marshmallows,” Raven grinned.

Raven and her co-star Issac Ryan Brown, who plays her on-screen son Booker, commented on how Disney Channel has changed since That’s So Raven first aired in 2003. They say the network has increased its number of inclusive shows that celebrate different family dynamics, sexual orientations, genders, and people of color.

“It’s important that Disney’s moving in this direction because it shows that it’s relevant,” said Raven. “It is taking what’s happening in our society right now and validating it. I am so happy and proud and humbled to be part of the channel, but I am also humbled just to be part of our show, because we, too, are bringing that diversity within the writers room.”

She continued, “It’s so important because that is our world. You cannot shut your eyes to it, and we no longer will. To be able to give that in a positive light and really show what society is right now can only further respect and kindness in the future.”

Issac, who also voices Gus on the progressive Disney Channel show The Owl House, added, “Kids want to see themselves. Growing up, Raven was an icon to so many Black girls…It’s always great to see representation, and I feel like we’re doing a great job with that on our show.”  

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