Richard Branson Announces New Virgin Voyages

The rock star mogul just announced a new rock and roll themed cruise line!

I have said in the past that I have pretty much no interest in ever going on a cruise- I’d rather fly!

It just seems like a petri dish for germs and bad buffets…but this sounds like a cruise ship i might actually want to go on!

Richard Branson, of Virgin, you know Virgin Airlines, the Virgin Megastores..he just announced his latest venture, Virgin Voyages!

It’s a cruise ship called the Scarlet Lady that is ADULTS ONLY! So already, you got me, but even cooler is it’s gonna be all rock themed.

They’ve got rockstar suites, all of them have music themes- some named after famous musicians like Grace Jones and Guns n Roses.

Instead over your oversized buffet it will feature modern dining experiences, all included in your fare Like Test Kitchen, which will be part cooking school, part restaurant, Korean BBQ and more.

There’s an athletic club and there’s even gonna be a tattoo parlor on board!

And because they know this is important to us Millennials, single use plastic is banned. So no straws, plastic bottle, stirrers or anything like that on the ship.

I’m telling you, they know that us kids have grown up and we’re in the sweet spot for that disposable income

Break out your wallets because the first cruise out of Miami starts booking February 14th!