Rob Lowe‘s podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe recently hosted Jennifer Aniston, and the star of The Morning Show got real about the real tears she shed during Friends: The Reunion Special.

Lowe told Entertainment Tonight he was the “perfect” person for the star to unpack that experience with.

During their chat, Aniston admitted it was “kind of hard to time travel,” for the much-hyped HBO Max special, and the experience took her and her fellow former cast members “down way harder than we anticipated.”

She expressed, “Going back there, it’s nostalgic in a way that’s kind of also a little melancholy ’cause a lot has changed. We have all gone down different roads, some easy and some not so easy, for each of us. It was brutal. And you also can’t turn it off… There are cameras everywhere, and I can’t stop crying.”

Lowe told ET the revelations were the “perfect example” why he makes a good sounding board for his celebrity…friends.

“Jen Aniston gives a lot of interviews… so do all of the people I talk to, but I feel like there are questions I want to ask them that I don’t think other people are gonna ask them.”

“I had done a Parks and Rec reunion,” Lowe explained. “I had done a West Wing reunion, so when I talked to Jen about her Friends reunion, just the fact that it was something both of us have done I think enabled her to open up and talk about [it]…in a way that she never had before, that was how melancholy it was for her.”

“I totally got it,” Lowe said, adding of those kinds of get-togethers, “It’s very bittersweet.”

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