Ryan Reynolds is already known for pulling off some viral promotional gags, and he’s done it again thanks to the folks at the PBS series Antiques Roadshow

In a segment he posted to his socials, Reynolds appears in character as his Red Notice alter-ego, art thief Nolan Booth, looking for an appraisal for the movie’s MacGuffin — an ancient golden statue of an egg.

Antiques Roadshow expert Lark E. Mason does the honors, asking Booth the usual questions of provenance. “Is it a family heirloom?” he asks of the item Booth steals in the film’s open.

“This is not a family heirloom,” Ryan-as-Booth tells him with a nervous laugh. “My family disowned me years ago. This is more of an heirloom that my friend at the museum lent me — he’s not aware that he lent it to me,” he corrects himself. 

“That sounds a little complicated,” Mason deadpans, “so that’s going to perhaps play into the value because of regulatory issues.”

“Yes, there will be a lot of issues,” Reynolds agrees.

Mason correctly assesses that the egg was one of three commissioned by Cleopatra in 30 B.C., but this one had gone missing in World War II.

“German soldiers had taken it to a secure hideaway,” Lark explains, “And there it remained up until recently.”

Lark even details the involvement of a “very muscular, talented FBI agent,” alluding to Dwayne Johnson‘s character in the movie, before Ryan cuts him off.

Lark then cuts to the chase, saying the egg’s worth over 100 million bucks, provided Booth can “clear up the complications” as to how he acquired it.

Red Notice, which also stars Gal Gadot, broke Netflix’s record for most single-day views on its debut this past Friday.

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