Reynolds and Bullock in 2010 – Jason Merritt/Getty Images for PCA

Ryan Reynolds chose a very intimate way of celebrating his pal Sandra Bullock‘s 59th birthday, which was Wednesday, July 26.

Ryan posted to Instagram the famous scene from their 2009 romantic comedy, The Proposal, which saw their characters accidentally, and awkwardly, smacking into each other, face to face, while totally naked.

“Happy Birthday to the inimitable and stunning Sandra Bullock!” Reynolds began his caption.

“For your birthday this year, I got us both intimacy coordinators. And an HR department. And clothing?”

Incidentally, in 2021, Oscar winner Bullock was asked about the famous, cringe-inducing scene, which shows the pair squished together, each unwilling to move lest the other see anything.

She told Adam Ray on his About Last Night Podcast, “Ryan and I had flesh-colored things stuck to our privates…And Ryan’s little — not little at all, it’s just whatever’s there I didn’t see it there, I didn’t look — is protected…We collide together, and we’re on the floor…and they have to say cut…”

Bullock added, laughing, “But he’s lying on his back…And we couldn’t really move, and I hear [director] Ann Fletcher from the darkness saying, ‘Ryan: We can see your b*******”…as loud as you possibly can, and…bringing everyone’s focus to that area.”

She called Ryan, “absolutely unflappable,” adding the only reason she did the scene was because she got to “humiliate herself” with someone she trusts for laughs — not to “appear sexy.”

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