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Sabrina Carpenter is opening up about her friendship with Taylor Swift.

In an interview with Vanity Fair released Thursday, Sabrina said becoming friends with the pop superstar was everything she hoped it would be.

“It is magnificent to grow up idolizing someone, and then meet them, and they are all the things that you hoped that they would be,” Sabrina said of Taylor. “On a personal level, she’s really been there for me, and I’m so grateful. That’s something she’s taught me really well—she has remained very human throughout all of it.”

When asked if Taylor has given her any advice about navigating a public relationship, such as the one Sabrina has with her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, the “Espresso” singer kept her cards close to her chest.

“I don’t think that there’s ever a how-to book on any of this stuff,” Sabrina said, while also acknowledging why her fans care about her love life. “It’s a lot of what I’m writing about, and it’s a lot of what inspires me.”

Sabrina also said she hopes her songs can be more than just fuel for the gossip train.

“This is my diary,” Sabrina said. “Once I put it out there, it’s for other people to interpret. I try to not tell people what a song is explicitly about. People don’t always know what’s going on inside the minds of anyone, let alone a young girl who’s navigating love and a lot of things for the first time.”

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