In a new snippet promoting the upcoming 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC has released a clip showing Ellen Pompeo‘s Dr. Meredith Grey addressing a new slate of Grey Sloan medical interns.

“Congratulations, you made it,” she tells the five eager new faces. You’ll save lives with this equipment, she says, referring to an operating room — “and you will end them.”

The snippet switches between scenes from the forthcoming season to interviews with executive producer Pompeo and some of the new cast members discussing their characters, who Scott Speedman‘s Dr. Nick refers to as “diamonds in the rough.”

As reported, Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Harry Shum Jr., Niko Terho and Midori Francis join the cast for the latest installment of the long-running drama.

Incidentally, ABC Audio caught up with Shum, who plays Benson “Blue” Kwan, who told us about his character and how his rounds are going.

About that nickname? “He’s used to winning blue ribbons as a kid, so they gave him that nickname,” the actor explains.

“Throughout his life he’s — very competitive, used to winning. But a tragedy happened in his life that set him back a lot. He has to climb back up this mountain he thinks he deserves to be on.”

He says of all his co-stars, “Along with the new interns, they’re just — they picked a really good bunch … I think they have a skill, not just writing great stories, but at choosing great people to be part of it.”

He likens jumping onto the show to boarding a moving train, “but it’s one of those trains that kind of allow you to onboard pretty easily,” he laughs.

“You have people who’ve done this for a couple of decades, but at the same time, it’s still … feels like the energy is just so high, and everyone is just so energized to keep making this show and how iconic it’s been for so long.”

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