I hope you’re all hungry… for knowledge… because today is National Deep Dish Pizza Day! 

Rather than having a show pizza party where Jose and Alexis fight over the last piece of stuffed crust…. instead we’re going to put your necks at risk as we go around the room for an Underdone Hold the Sausage and Un…Yuns One And Done Shock. 

You’ll each get a question about the world’s favorite food….. pizza and if you get it right you’re safe, but if you get it wrong you’ll have to finish the rest of the show sitting at one of the tiny tables they give you in your pizza box. 


In 2001 a pizza was delivered to a man named Yuri Usachov, and what made this delivery special was how far it traveled to get there. It went thousands of miles on the way to its destination, but where did this particular pizza end up?  

Jose, at the Haggis restaurant in Glasgow Scotland they sell the $4,200 “Pizza Royale 007” which has caviar, 24-carat gold crust and what expensive delicacy as a protein?

Brooke -you are the closest thing to a vegetarian on this show – so this question goes to you. What are the Top 3 most popular vegetable pizza toppings?

Jeffrey, I’m going to give you three countries and three pizza toppings and you need to match each one to which country uses it on their pies the most… Your country options are Germany, Brazil, and Sweden and your topping options are Peanuts, Tuna, and Peas.

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