His movies have grossed over $14 Billion Dollars Worldwide… He was named Time Magazine’s 67th most influential person of 2008… And he’s the only human being that can rock a Goatee better than Santa Claus….

Some Call him Sherlock Holmes… Some call him IRON MAN… be we know him as ROBERT DOWNEY JR…. And today is his birthday

But did you know, he shares it… with another, EVEN MORE FAMOUS celebrity… who in their career, had an estimated NET WORTH of $99 MILLION DOLLARS (before they passed away in 2019)…. I’m talking bout the one… the only… TARDAR SAUCE (aka. “Grumpy Cat”).

And to celebrate these two legends of entertainment (and their shared birthday)… we’re going to play a special… ROBERT DOWNEY VS. GRUMPY KITTY Edition of Plenty of Twenty…

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