Each of you has a sheet of paper in front of you that has 5 words on it. Cardboard… Plastic… Glass… Paper… and Aluminum. 

We’re gonna go around the room… I’ll tell you a FACT… you have to tell me, which one of those materials I’m talking about. (And we could choose the same one more than once so be on your toes) 

Starting with ALEXIS. originally I was going to just ask you to read the words on the sheet of paper in front of you – but Producer Boyd said you might have a hard time sounding out the word “Aluminum”… so we’re going with a different question….

Approximately 100 Billion of these are produced each year in North America alone. And if you can recycle ONE TON of it, that would save 46 GALLONS of Oil each time. What is it? 

Brooke, You’re Next. 

The average person has the opportunity to recycle more than 25,000 of this item in their lifetime. And normally, less than a quarter of that actually gets recycled. What is it? 

Jose, you’re up. 

28 BILLION of these go into Land-Fills every year, instead of recycling centers (which they SHOULD be). That’s enough to fill 2 Empire State Buildings every 3 weeks…. What is it? 

On to you, Jeff

Two a half million of these are thrown away every hour in North America… And unfortunately only 23% of these are recycled. Which means we all could do a MUCH better job. What is it? 

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