Everyone on this show is a fan of food. Heck, Brooke loves it so much, we have to stop down taping, so she can have her

8 am and 10 am pre-lunch every single day. 

But what about fast food? Hopefully you know a little…. because if you don’t, you might get the collar in this first ever…..  YUM YUM One and Done Shock. 

Each of you will be given a question about FAST FOOD CONDIMENTS. If you get it right you’re safe, but if you get it wrong you’ll be forced to clean the Wendy’s deep fat fryer with your personal toothbrush. 

Alexis… since you constantly talk about being a fan of Happy Meals we’ll start with you………. and your question is about those golden arches 

According to a new poll… what is the most popular sauce at Mickey D’s is it Ranch, Honey Mustard or Sweet and Sour?

Brooke… your establishment is Taco Bell…

Which is the most popular salsa condiment at Taco Bell is it their “Hot” Sauce, “Mild” Sauce or “Fire sauce?”

Jose… You’ll have home field advantage because your question is about Subway.

When asked what their favorite sauce did Subway customers say “Thousand Island” “Sweet Onion” or “Chipotle Southwest”?

Jeffrey… because of your affinity for licking OTHER people’s fingers, you got KFC.

Is their most popular sauce Buttermilk Ranch, Honey BBQ or Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce?