Grab an Orange Julius, Dim the Lights… and douse yourself in a swimming pool of Potent cologne…. Cuz on this day back in 1892 the very first Abercrombie & Fitch store opened it’s doors….

And while they ARE FAMOUS for their high-quality clothes, like: Pre-Ripped Jeans & Low-Cut T-Shirts with a Moose on it….

They’re probably most well-known for the hunky, Young gorgeous models plastered all over the store walls…. And sometimes EVEN hanging around outside the entrance…. Stalking potential customers like sexy Jehovah’s Witnesses… 

But you wouldn’t believe some of the famous people.… who’ve actually modeled for A&F, before they became household names.

Thats why today, you’ll need to identify… which Celebs were real Abercrombie Models in a special…. GUYS, DOLLS & SHOPPING MALLS EDITION OF PLENTY OF TWENTY

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