It’s time for me to take you WAY BACK… to a Crazy Time when Hair Was Big… Shoulder Pads were COOL… and the most Beloved Man on TV was Bill Cosby…. talking about the 1980s 

On this day in 1980, the VERY FIRST PAC-MAN arcade machine was installed in a Japanese movie theater.…. Back then, he was called “PUCK MAN” since he looked like a hockey puck… 

But, when he came to America… they thought “Hey, if we put a machine with the word ‘PUCK’ on it.. someone’s PROBABLY going to vandalize that ‘P’ and turn Puck into an unsavory word.”

So PAC-MAN was born… And he’s became one of the most prolific characters in all of video games….

That why today… to celebrate that hungry little puck, we’ll be doing a special…. MOST FAMOUS VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS EDITION OF PLENTY OF TWENTY

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