In the past few weeks, Alexis Fuller… has achieved Levels of success that defy every LAW of Science & Reason…

So I went back to her hometown of Mudwater… to ask some of her past teachers about her… 

Mrs. Davies from 7th grade algebra said… “Oh sweet Alexis. I’ll never forget when she got her Braces caught in the Windmill at the mini-golf course” 

Mr. Peters from 11th grade chemistry said… “Ohhhh right, Alexis Fuller… Hey, is her MOM still single?”

And her college track coach Mr. Ford, said “Alexis, was the smartest person I’ve ever coached… but I guess that’s not a high bar considering I’ve only ever coached athletes at a school…. in the MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE.” 

Ringing Endorsements all around…. but the only endorsements that really matters is if YOUR three cohosts will bet ON… or AGAINST YOU… in a special FAMOUS QUOTES EDITION….. of “THREE AND A HALF SECONDS WITH ALEXIS”.

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