After doing this trivia game for a little less than a month now… We asked Alexis OFF THE AIR… to tell us about how the experience has been for her so far…. and here are the 3 main things she had to say about it… 

#1) “I feel like I wasted my life going to school for nothing…”

#2) ”I feel like I have memory issues, and need to get on meds…”

#3) “I don’t if know if I actually know anything anymore, and I’m not strong in any category, in any trivia of anything ever…” 

So her confidence is at an ALL TIME HIGH… and i’m excited to see how she does today… Oh… Oh my goodness… what was that?

I can’t believe this… Brooke Fox is generously offering herself up as TRIBUTE… she wants to take over the game (at least for ONE DAY)… to ease your pain Alexis… either THAT or just PROVE how much better she is than you…Alexis, would you like to say “Thank You” to your radio mother?

So in a shocking & unexpected twist of events Instead of 3 and half seconds with Alexis… we’re going to be doing… 3 & a half seconds with BROOKE FOX! 

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