Single? Here’s Half a Loaf of Bread…

For years I’ve been saying someone needs to do this!

Bread brands Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat have just announced a new innovation in retail: smaller loaves of bread.


This new innovation has us single folks in mind because according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 28% of US households are single-person households and that’s the fastest growing demo.

Bread retailers are taking note that most of us single folks are not buying bread, because we can’t finish the whole loaf- we have no one to share with!

These bread brands will soon be selling this new Simply Small brand of bread which only has 10 slices.So that’s like, what, half a regular loaf?

The company says “we feel a responsibility to meet our consumers’ needs, regardless of life stage or household size. “

I’ve been saying for years that there should be an entire store, or at least a section, dedicated to single people.

Smaller bottles of mustard, smaller packages, because yeah, I’m single and don’t need all that stuff. It ends up going to waste!

Look for this new bread coming to store shelves soon.