The Spice Girls are only getting started when it comes to celebrating the 25th anniversary of their beloved Spiceworld album. The British superstars released a digitally remastered and rebooted version of the “Spice Up Your Life” music video for the special occasion.

The alternate take features all five Spice Girls — Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger Spice — piloting a blimp over a brightly lit futuristic city. In addition, the music video features closeups of the girls and some new dance moves.

Unlike the old music video, this one predominantly focuses on the Spice Girls as they goof off, dance and celebrate along to the upbeat track.

That’s not the only treat the ladies left for their fans. They also dropped some special “Spice Up Your Life” merchandise on their online store, where fans can update their collection with all-new must-haves.

Offerings include a tracksuit set, T-shirts, charm keyring and sweatshirts. Some pieces reflect the neon sign that lit up the music video, while others are embossed with the song’s lyrics.

The British pop stars will release Spiceworld 25, a deluxe anniversary edition of their standout 1997 album, on November 4. It is available to preorder.

“The Spiceworld era was such a fun time for us; we’d just had a number 1 album with Spice, we were travelling [sic] all over the world and meeting our amazing fans, we released our second album AND we had our very own movie,” the British sensations said in a statement when announcing the new collection. “Who would’ve thought it? It’s crazy to think that 25 years have passed.”

Spiceworld was released November 3, 1997, and has gone on to sell over 14 million copies worldwide.

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