Stop Flushing Disinfecting Wipes Down the Toilet!

A lot of us are using more sanitation products during this pandemic, obviously…..

We’re all using those disinfectant wipes, you know, when we can find them! BUT if you’re flushing those wipes down the toilet- stop it!

We’re having sewage problems here in Springfield and the wipes are to blame!

Paper towels, wipes, and tissue do not dissolve in water. Instead, they flow from your home through Springfield’s sewage line and they clog the pipes.

Experts say throw everything away UNLESS it is toilet paper.

It has gotten so bad that grinders have been installed along the sewage line just to break up all the wipes.

Clean Water Services here in Springfield say they’ve seen an increase in having to respond to lift stations and pumps getting clogged since the pandemic started.

OH! And stop pouring grease down your sink too. If you’re doing that and flushing wipes….you’re part of the problem!