Stop Throwing Pizza on the Roof

The family that owns the Walter White house from “Breaking Bad” really really wants to you to knock it off.

The show has been off the air for four years, but fans continue to throw pizza on the roof of this Arizona family’s home.

You may recall the infamous scene where Walt throws a box of pizza in anger and the pie happens to land perfectly on the roof.

I had heard that scene was improvised! What are the odds?

Right after the show ended, heck, maybe even while the show was still going, I’d heard the owners of the famous house we’re FED (pun intended) up with “Breaking Bad” fanatics showing up to their house and throwing pizza on their roof.

Turns out this is still going on four years later…

The Arizona family announced they’ll be putting in a six-foot wall to deter pizza tossers.

The family said tourists even take landscape rocks and ask them to leave or close the garage door so they can get a better photo of the house.

Not cool, guys!

This is why we can’t have nice things…

Great show though!