2023 EGGfest at Outdoor Home

It's the Biggest, Greenest, Tastiest event in the Ozarks... and it's BACK FOR 2023!
Enjoy delicious food, live music, cooking demos, and discover what the Big Green EGG-sperience is all about during our 2023 Smokin' the Ozarks EGGfest at Outdoor Home!
Get full event details 👉 https://bit.ly/2023-EGGfest
✦ TASTERS buy tickets to enjoy endless savory and sweet grilled meats, seafood, veggies, pizzas, and desserts 👉 https://bit.ly/EGGfest-Tickets
✦ COOKING TEAMS show off their fiery finesse with unique recipes for everyone to savor 👉 https://bit.ly/EGGfest-Cooks
✦ EGG BUYERS get the best deal of all by pre-ordering an EGGfest EGG at a substantial discount 👉 https://bit.ly/EGGfest-EGGs
But most importantly, all proceeds from our event directly benefit the Keystone Kops charity of Springfield as they provide assistance to children and their families during their care at Shrine Hospitals locally and across the region.

Rapunzel - The True Story

Greed, power, swordfights, failed spells & love: a new musical, acted out in the outdoor theater at a 13th century castle, Chateau Charmant!

The most arrogant, foppish, impressive Prince you've ever seen, will Rapunzel choose this foppish fool Prince? Something unexpected happens or is it just magic? Which takes us on a voyage of discovery, who's who and what are their motives, in this original musical performance, with swordfights, failed spells & true love...

Come before the performance for Faire Rapunzel enjoy a FREE pop-up event of medieval proportions at the Jewel of the Ozarks, Chateau Charmant. Vote for the BEST DREAM CARVER, who will create magic from wood.

Get pictures taken with the cast for a donation.  Friday, Sept 8 & 15 evening performances, Sept. 9 & 16 Matinee performance, Dinner with the cast available, and Evening performance, pick your pleasure. Tickets available at:



Coffee Fest on Tour

Java lovers rejoice - Coffee Fest on Tour is Back!
417-Land’s most-caffeinated event is happening again this April. Tickets are only 15 dollars, and you get free specialty samples at more than a dozen great coffee shops, drive-thrus, and roasters in and around Springfield.
Get your passport, visit each location, sample the coffees, and rate your favorites. The entire month-long event benefits Safe & Sober’s alcohol and drug education programs throughout the state.
From local shops and roasters, to business sponsors, and even individuals who may love coffee just a liiiiittle too much, Coffee Fest has something for everyone!

Visit springfieldcoffeefest.com for more info or to get your tickets!

Help Julie Kiss a Pig (and raise money for a great cause)

In an effort to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks, a mentorship program for youth in surrounding areas, Julie Wilsons is trying to kiss a pig.

Also, the person writing this is Julie Wilson. I didn't know how to establish myself in this plea for donations other than in a third person reference. Please forgive me and please hear me out.

The nonprofit focuses on kids who might not have a role model in their life, matching them with "Bigs"- adults who can have a direct impact on the child's life trajectory.

By the numbers, it's clear to organization, which made its way to the Ozarks in the early 80's, is making a difference for our community. 81% of their Littles believe more is possible in life. 99% of littles stay out of the Juvenile Justice System. 90% of Littles have improved self-esteem. The long-term impact through the program appears to be endless.

So here's where I (but more so you) come in. There's contest- Kiss a Pig. The person who raises the most money (100% goes to the organization) will get to stand on stage with pride at Taste of the Ozarks and smooch a pig. I want, desperately, to be that person.

You can make a donation by clicking HERE- make sure you're selecting my name.