Coffee Fest on Tour

Java lovers rejoice - Coffee Fest on Tour is Back!
417-Land’s most-caffeinated event is happening again this April. Tickets are only 15 dollars, and you get free specialty samples at more than a dozen great coffee shops, drive-thrus, and roasters in and around Springfield.
Get your passport, visit each location, sample the coffees, and rate your favorites. The entire month-long event benefits Safe & Sober’s alcohol and drug education programs throughout the state.
From local shops and roasters, to business sponsors, and even individuals who may love coffee just a liiiiittle too much, Coffee Fest has something for everyone!

Visit for more info or to get your tickets!

Help Julie Kiss a Pig (and raise money for a great cause)

In an effort to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks, a mentorship program for youth in surrounding areas, Julie Wilsons is trying to kiss a pig.

Also, the person writing this is Julie Wilson. I didn't know how to establish myself in this plea for donations other than in a third person reference. Please forgive me and please hear me out.

The nonprofit focuses on kids who might not have a role model in their life, matching them with "Bigs"- adults who can have a direct impact on the child's life trajectory.

By the numbers, it's clear to organization, which made its way to the Ozarks in the early 80's, is making a difference for our community. 81% of their Littles believe more is possible in life. 99% of littles stay out of the Juvenile Justice System. 90% of Littles have improved self-esteem. The long-term impact through the program appears to be endless.

So here's where I (but more so you) come in. There's contest- Kiss a Pig. The person who raises the most money (100% goes to the organization) will get to stand on stage with pride at Taste of the Ozarks and smooch a pig. I want, desperately, to be that person.

You can make a donation by clicking HERE- make sure you're selecting my name.