Taylor Swift did a bang-up job on the set of her new movie, Amsterdam, says her Oscar-winning co-star — and was even nice enough not to tell him he’s an “awful” singer.

Oscar winner Christian Bale stars in the David O. Russell film, along with John David Washington and Margot Robbie.  Taylor plays Elizabeth Meekins, who wants Bale and Washington’s characters — a doctor and an attorney, respectively — to investigate the suspicious death of her father, an Army general who founded the regiment where the two men first met.

“She just became part of the team. She was fantastic,” Bale tells ABC Audio. “You know, she just showed up and she was playing her character and she fit right in….movies, they move pretty quickly, y’know, you gotta get going [right away].”

Bale says he also had “the great privilege and sort of surprise of finding myself singing alongside of Taylor,” in the film.  In fact, he and Washington both sang with Taylor, despite the fact that they’re not exactly on her level, vocal-wise.

“She was incredibly generous in just not looking at me and going, ‘Please shut up. You are awful!’ because I am!” Bale laughs. “Me and JD [Washington], half the time [we were] forgetting the lyrics, being-off key.”

At one point after he, Taylor and Washington had been trying to film the singing scene for hours, Bale says David O. Russell told them, “Hey, I just got an idea: Christian and JD, how about you just shut up for a second? We’ll just record Taylor.'”

Bale laughs, “Oh, my God, we suddenly realized we had been destroying this song all day long when there was this angel right next to us singing it beautifully. And it gave me goosebumps. Her talent is incredible!”

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