Sean Penn made headlines last week for his comments about what he sees as feminization of American men, and now Westworld‘s Thandiwe Newton is flaming him for it. 

On Sunday, Newton tweeted Penn a link to a story about the comments he made to overseas news outlets, along with a message directed at him that begins, “Dude what are you SAY-ING??” and is accompanied by three “crying laughing” emoji.

As previously reported, 61-year-old Penn told the U.K.-based publication The i, “I am in the club that believes that men in American culture have become wildly feminized.”

To The Independent, Penn added, “There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt.”

Newton post continues,”Like for REAL? You’re a jibbering FOOL. MF you used to be sexy but now you’re just tragic.”

In a separate tweet, the actress expressed outrage about how Penn made his comments alongside his 30-year-old daughter and Flag Day co-star Dylan Penn.

“In front of your DAUGHTER!?” Newton said. “That poor little mite. Thank God her Mum’s so dope,” meaning Penn’s ex-wife Robin Wright.

“Please stop ruining the brilliance of #LicoricePizza with this nonsense,” Thandiwe closed, referencing director Paul Thomas Anderson‘s recent critically lauded film in which Penn plays a supporting role.

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