Monday’s episode of The Bachelor opened with the conclusion of last week’s two-on-one date that finally put an end to Shanae‘s time on the show.

Clayton arranged the date with Shanae and Genevieve in an effort to settle a dispute between the two rivals and bring an end to the drama in the house.

Shanae, who thus far had succeeded in convincing Clayton that she was being bullied by the other women, and not the other way around, failed to convince Clayton that Genevieve’s feelings for him were an act. The 29-year-old Ohio native was stunned when he handed Genevieve the date rose.

Upon seeing Shanae’s suitcase being wheeled out, the other ladies also celebrated with champagne toast.

“Here’s to finally curing the herpes outbreak,” cheered Marlena, recalling a joke she made about Shanae during during last week’s group date, in which the women were asked to roast each other.

“Ding-dong the shrimp is dead,” added Hunter, referring to the infamous “shrimp-gate” incident that ended with Elizabeth‘s departure.

Ironically, the rose ceremony would send Marlena and Hunter packing.

The journey to find love then headed overseas to Hvar, Croatia. However, with hometowns looming and the competition heating up, Mara, who lost a one-on-one date to Sarah, who’d already had one, felt she needed to step up her game. During a group date, Mara took Clayton aside to warn him that the 23-year-old wasn’t ready for marriage, causing him to doubt if there were others stringing him along as well.

Clayton, without revealing his source, confronted Sarah with the accusation, which she tearfully denied. He believed her and gave her the date rose, though she was left wondering who would do such a thing.

Elsewhere, Teddi picked up a rose following a one-on-one date, and Rachel snatched the group date rose.

Here are the other women remaining after the rose ceremony:

Eliza, 25, a marketing manager from Berlin, Germany
Gabby, 30, an ICU nurse from Denver, Colo.
Genevieve, 26, a bartender from Los Angeles, Calif.
Mara, 32, an entrepreneur from Collingswood, N.J.
Rachel, 25, a flight instructor from Clermont, Fla.
Sarah, 23, a wealth management advisor from New York City, N.Y.
Serene, 26, an elementary school teacher from Oklahoma City, Okla.
Susie, 28, a wedding videographer from Virginia Beach, Va.
Teddi, 25, a surgical unit nurse from Highland, Calif.

The Bachelor returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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