The Bachelorette continued Tuesday with Michelle Young and her suitors dealing with the aftermath of Jamie‘s rumor about her having a previous relationship with Joe.

Rick, a 32-year-old medical sales rep from Los Angeles, assured Michelle that the men in the house had her back and, during their conversation, learned the rumor came from Jamie.

Rick shared his discovery with the other suitors, which led to a series of confrontations with Jamie.

As awkward as that was for Jamie, who tried unsuccessfully to dodge their questions, it was nothing compared to the tongue-lashing he received from Michelle, in front of the other men.

Michelle led Jamie outside for a private conversation and sent him home after telling him, “I don’t trust you at this moment and I have to be done with it.” 

Also sent home on Tuesday were Washington-based yoga guru LTMollique, an academic administrator from San Diego; Peter, the pizzapreneur from Florida; and Spencer, a financial crimes analyst from Cleveland, Ohio.

Earlier, Glen Powell and Jay Ellis — stars of the upcoming movie sequel, Top Gun: Maverick — challenged a group of men to prove their love for Michelle with a series of physical and mental competitions. At the end, it was Martin, the personal trainer from Miami, Florida, who earned the date rose.

Later, a group date led by spoken-word poet Rudy Francisco had the men testing their poetry skills, with Brandon scoring his second group-date rose.

Finally, a one-on-one date saw California sales rep Rodney literally bearing it all in a game of truth or dare. Rodney passed both the dare and truth parts of the date and was rewarded with a rose.

Here are the other men remaining after the rose ceremony:

Brandon J., 26, a traveling nurse recruiter from Portland, Ore.
Casey, 36, an advertising creative director from Miami Beach, Fla.
Chris G., 28, a motivational speaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Chris S., 28, a commodities broker from West Hollywood, Calif.
Clayton, 28, a medical sales rep from Columbia, Mo.
Joe, 28, a real estate developer from Minneapolis, Minn.
Leroy, 27, a biomedical Ph.D. student from Dallas, Texas
Martin, 29, a personal trainer from Miami, Fla.
Nayte, 27, a sales executive from Austin, Texas
Olu, 27, an IT analyst from Newark, N.J.
Rick, 32, a medical sales rep from Los Angeles, Calif.
Rodney, 29, a sales rep from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
Romeo, 32, a mathematician from New York City, N.Y.
Will, 28, an academic interventionist from Grand Rapids, Mich.

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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