There are many horror stories out there about raising a newborn, including one from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom that really takes the cake.

The parents, who welcomed Daisy Dove last year, apparently hold competitions over who can suck the most snot out of their young daughter.  For the uninitiated about the more-disgusting side of parenting, there is a contraption specifically made to conduct the not-so-pleasant snot sucking task because babies are unable to blow their nose.  

Orlando responded Tuesday to a video from Fridababy, a company specializing in baby care products, which showed off how the contraption works along with the snarky caption, “Raise your hand if you swore you’d never suck snot as a parent.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star commiserated with his fellow parents when commenting, “I’ve sucked out so much snot with this thing. Katy and I take turns to see who can get out the biggest booger.  So far she’s winning or maybe that means she’s losing?  Lol parenthood is weird but at least our daughter can breathe at night.”

Katy has yet to weigh in on what she thinks about the great booger race.

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