The Godfather, of course, is known as an Oscar-winning cinema classic, but the fact of the matter is Francis Ford Coppola struggled to get the movie to the screen. That battle to bring author Mario Puzo‘s saga of the Corleone family to theaters is the basis of Paramount+’s anticipated series The Offer, which now has a brand-new teaser

Based on Oscar-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy‘s experiences of making the film, the series sees Miles Teller portraying the young, driven producer.

Law & Order and The King’s Man vet Matthew Goode plays producer Robert EvansTed Lasso‘s Juno Temple is famed agent Bettye McCarttGiovanni Ribisi plays mobster Joe Colombo; and Dan Fogler portrays Coppola.

“This could become a cultural phenomenon,” Goode as Evans says in the teaser. “The likes we’ve never seen before.”

As mentioned, the filmmakers not only had to “beg, borrow, and steal” from Hollywood for the money to make the picture, but also had to deal with mobsters like Ribisi’s Colombo, who wasn’t happy in the least for the Mob to get the limelight. “This makes us look like a joke. And it’s bad for business,” he warns. 

Meanwhile, Folger, appearing as the spitting image of ’70s-era Coppola, asks, “What is our opening line?…’I believe in America.'”

The series also stars Colin Hanks as skeptical producer Barry Lapidus and Patrick Gallo as Puzo.

The first three episodes of The Offer will premiere on Thursday, April 28, exclusively for Paramount+ subscribers, and the remaining episodes of the 10-installment limited series will be released on subsequent Thursdays. (VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE)


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