This is the Most Iconic Fashion Item in the U.S.

You definitely own this item!

When you think about all the decades and styles, it’s hard to choose just one that’s stood the test of time.

The site Farfetch just polled a bunch of Americans and…..Levi Jeans were chosen as the most iconic fashion item in the U.S.!

Which honestly makes sense when you think about it- we’ve all got a pair of jeans!

Here in the US jean jackets came up 2nd, Nike Air Max shoes, Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirts, Louis Vuitton luggage and Chuck Taylors were on the list as well.

Just on my own I’d say something like the Juicy Couture velour tracksuits are pretty iconic here in the US- think Paris and Nicole, Amy Poehler’s “Cool Mom” in Mean Girls.

Interesting to note, folks in the UK were given the same survey and miniskirts is what they said, the most iconic fashion item in the UK

Do you agree? What would you say is the most iconic fashion item of all time?